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Unsurpassed Cleaning Technology.

Our patent pending Clean Sleep Technology utilizes 5 proven technologies that clean, deodorize and sanitize all mattress and material surfaces.

Our Process

We are mobile and we come to you! Our 5 step process completes within 15 min. It is quick, safe and effective.

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Organisms We Eradicate

We kill 99.9%+ of Dust Mites, Bed Bugs and 99.8+% of viruses like MRSA, C Diff, VRE, MS2, and various Fungi.

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Test Results

We back all our statements with documented testing from the most recognized labs and universities.

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Great Value

Protect your investment by maintaining your mattress. Let us show you how we save you money.

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We use only natural cleaning products and use the latest in environmentally friendly technology.

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Better Health

Live a healthier lifestyle by improving your sleep conditions. We help those who suffer from allergies.

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Our mobile service can clean every mattress in your home.

Health Care

Our technology is perfect for Hospitals, Long Term and Elder Care Facilities.


We specialize in Hotels, B&B’s, Vacation rentals and Homestays.


We service University and College student housing facilities.

Housing Projects

Low income and apartment complex mattresses

Boat and RV

Boat cushions and mattresses. RV cushions and mattresses.

Truck and Trailer

Semi trailer sleeping compartments and trailer sleeping.

Work Camps

Offsite lodging and large work camp sleeping facilities.

Our Mission / Who we are

Our mission is to create a positive, healthy sleeping environment for you and your family. At Clean Sleep we focus on improving quality of sleep by offering unparalleled technology in mattress sanitation. We have created a solution to the body fluids, dust mites, allergens, and bacteria that is absorbed by your mattress on a nightly basis.

At Clean Sleep we are not just mattress cleaners. We strive for perfection in all the mattresses we sanitize and are proud of who we are and how we accomplish this. We achieve positive customer experiences through empowerment and teamwork. It is our goal to progress through honest relationships and continued development in technology.

We currently service B.C including Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna, Kamloops and various other towns and cities throughout BC.


Our Approach

We want to make cleaning and sanitizing your mattress simple, quick and cost effective. Our machine is mobile which enables us to service any business or residential location within driving distance.

We’ve spent over 5 years researching and developing the most effective means to re-mediate many of the issues people and businesses have with their mattresses. Since then we’ve created our patent-pending Clean Sleep technology which utilizes 5 proven technologies that clean, deodorize, and sanitize mattress surfaces. With the use of modern technologies such as UV light, dry steam, vacuum, IR heat, Ozone Generation, & Anti-Microbial treatment we can sanitize ANY mattress in just 15 minutes. Our technicians will review the full scope of service required and costs before any work begins.

Clean Sleep Technology vs. Carpet Steam Cleaning Machine.

Clean Sleep Technology

• Dry, chemical-free, no toxins
• No drying time required
• No moisture to penetrate mattress
• 96+ hour residual effect to continue destroying allergens
• Safe on all types of mattresses and pillows
• Color safe, no bleaching agents
• Neutralizes odor inducing bacteria
• Uses Ozone, UV Light, Vacuum, Dry Vapor Steam, Heat
• 15-20 minutes application time
• No set up time required

Steam Cleaning

• Wet, steam plus toxic cleaning agents
• Requires 2-3 days for partial, surface drying
• Traps moisture promoting the growth of mold and mildew.
• No residual effect
• Can not be used on memory foam mattress or pillows
• Can induce fading and color variations
• Can result in musty smell coming from inside the mattress
• May damage surrounding areas and box spring
• May loose mattress warranty
• 30-40 minute application time
• Equipment set up required

Starting At

$99.95 Crib Size
    • Crib $99.95
    • Twin $149.95
    • Full $189.95
    • Queen $209.95
    • King $219.95
    • California King $219.95

Over 5 Mattresses

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    • Crib $89.95
    • Twin $99.95
    • Full $119.95
    • Queen $139.95
    • King $149.95
    • California King $149.95

Starting At

$99.95 with purchase of mattress cleaning
    • Crib $89.95
    • Twin $99.95
    • Full $119.95
    • Queen $139.95
    • King $149.95
    • California King $149.95

Additional Services

    • Bed Bug Removal
    • Smoke Removal
    • Mattress Water Damage
    • Mattress Bags (Extra)
    • Mattress Stain
    • Deodorizing Clean
    • Anti-Microbial
    • Pillow and Cushion Cleaning

Business Opportunities.

It’s easy to get started.

If you have ever dreamed of owning your own business or want to expand your current one, we have an opportunity for you.  We now offer direct sale of our machines to individuals and companies.  Simply purchase a mobile or stationary unit and start growing your business.  Franchise and Licence agreements are available in many cities and provinces throughout Canada. Warranties, upgrades, and service plans are available too.

Owning a Clean Sleep machine provides you an opportunity unlike any other.
Contact us to find out more.

Our Process


Our Service Area.

We currently accommodate the provinces of British Columbia.

In BC this includes Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Surrey, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna, Kamloops and various other towns and cities in BC.

Coming soon to an area near you!

Business Opportunities Available Now!

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