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Saving Mattresses going to Landfill

It is believed that over 20 million mattresses go to landfill every year in North America and it takes on average 50 years for a mattress to decompose. In many cases it is as simple as cleaning your mattress so it does not have to go to landfill and effect our future generations.

Common Solutions

There is not a lack of effort for solutions to these problems that impact health.  There are rubber mattress covers, plastic mattress covers, mattress cleaning chemicals, and other various products.  Our revolutionary technology provides a non-toxic, quick, and cost-effective option that we are confident you will see as an superior benefit.

Safe and Natural Cleaning

Our process is safe and natural. We have specifically designed our Clean Sleep technology and cleaning system in order to leave you with a safe, naturally sanitized mattress to rest upon! Whether you are expecting, sensitive or allergic to certain chemical compounds, or simply have a concern about the use of household chemicals or the environment in general, you can rest assured knowing you have a healthy place to sleep.

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