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Our patent pending Clean Sleep Technology utilizes 5 proven technologies that clean, deodorize and sanitize all mattress and material surfaces.

Our 5-Step Patent-Pending Clean Sleep Technology Includes:

Ultra Violet Light

Dry Steam


Ozone Generation

Infrared Heat

We come to you

Once your appointment is scheduled, we will arrive at your location to sanitize your mattress. We will call you within an hour of your appointment to let you know we’re en route.

What we ask of you

We try to make our service as convenient as possible.  We ask that you remove all linens as well as clear any obstructions that would prevent the safe transport of the mattress.

A better sleep guaranteed

Once we have cleaned your mattress we absolutely guarantee that your mattress is stain, odor and pest free. You can start enjoying a better and healthier sleep right away.

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Save Money

Having your mattress cleaned has never been easier! Save money by extending the life of your mattress. Get rid of stains and odors for an improved sleep surface.

For Your Health

Sleep is a significant component of a healthy lifestyle. Allergens within your mattress can irritate and disrupt your sleep.  Stains can be an eyesore or even worse, a haven for bacteria, mold and mildew. A clean mattress is essential to facilitate a healthy sleep environment.

Remove Allergens

In North American households, dust mite related allergens are most common. They can cause a restless night’s sleep which has been proven to be linked to productivity and concentration loss during the day.

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